Monday, August 8, 2011

Going to Stockholm?

Ok so you’ve decided to, or thinking about going to Stockholm. Nice choice! If you want my advice, try to visit between April – September, if you’re not overly fond of a subzero climate snow that is. Stockholm is wonderful between December – March as well, don’t get me wrong. Winter Wonderland and all that.  But Stockholm really comes alive during spring and summer. Only time I would advise against going to Stockholm is October-November. This is the darkest, rainiest and grimmest time of year in Stockholm. I’d say May and June is the ultimate time to come visit. But hey, that’s just me. I am writing this guide though, so you know I’m right.

What I like most about Stockholm is that it’s extremely beautiful. This is not unique though. What is fairly unique however is that Stockholm is extremely beautiful but not overrun by tourists. I’ve done my fair share of travelling in my days, and although I love cities like Prague, Budapest, Paris, Florence, etc, I always find that the endless streams of tourists and backpackers takes a bit of the fun out of it. I hope I don’t sound like a snob. Maybe I’ve just developed an unhealthy fear of crowds over the years. But you have to admit; authenticity is nice.

Getting to Stockholm is really easy. There are direct flights from almost every major European city. If you’re backpacking, train infrastructure is also pretty decent. A road trip from northern Continental Europe  to Stockholm is about 6-10 hours, depending on your general view on keeping speed limits. I’ve done Stockholm – Hamburg in 8 hours but I would not recommend it. Let’s just assume you’re a smart person and that you’re flying to Stockholm. The cheapest way would probably be by Ryan Air or Norwegian Air Shuttle.

Stockholm is not a major tourist city like London or Paris, but there’s a good selection of hostels and hotels. Since I live here I obviously don’t frequent them. So I’m not very good with recommendations in this regard. If money is not a problem I’d probably stay at Lydmar Hotel or Nobis Hotel.

That’s some general information about Stockholm that I hope can be of use…and not too confusing.  More tips to come!

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